TSSA Disability Working Group



The next TSSA DWG’s meeting will take place on 09/September/2023. It will start at 14:00. This meeting will be held online using the video conferencing application ZOOM.


Due to the pandemic we have reluctantly decided that this event will have to take place online and that the video conferencing application “Zoom” is the most appropriate platform for us to use.


To download an invitation for this meeting, please click here for a PDF version or Click here for an MS Word version.


Joining instructions, for this meeting

Please note that ONLY current TSSA members will be eligible to attend this meeting and priority will be given to those who have a disability.

In order to attend this event, you will need to contact the TSSA DWG secretary in advance, by sending an E-mail to tssadwg@yahoo.co.uk. This E-mail should contain: Your full name,you’re TSSA Branch and your TSSA membership number, And weather you consider yourself to have a disability (As defined by the “The Equality Act 2010). together with your E-mail address. Then if your eligible to attend, our Secretary will send you the information you will need, via E-mail prior to the meeting.


If you don’t already have Zoom, you will need to download the client application and create an account, Unless you intend to dial in using a telephone. Dialling in using a standard telephone line doesn’t require an internet connection but obviously this method of joining will only give you audio. To get a full video connection to a zoom meeting you will have to use an internet connection.


To download the client application:

You will only need the FREE client to attend our meetings. this can be Downloaded from HERE

The 1st download on the downloads page "Zoom Client for Meeting"


The 1st download on the downloads page "Zoom Client for Meeting" will work with PC’s. If your using a mobile device then you can download the zoom application from the app store (for Apple devices) or the Google play store (for Android devices)


To set up your Free Zoom account:

To set up your Free Zoom account please click Here and enter your details as requested.


If you have difficulty with the above, you can request that the meeting organizer sends you a link, via E-mail, that will automate some of this process and bring you straight into the meeting.


Here are some links to more general information and tutorials regarding Zoom:

How To Set Up Zoom Beginners Guide

Zoom video tutorials

Quickstart Guides



If you have any queries or you wish to attend please contact our secretary at: tssadwg@yahoo.co.uk

For information about these events please click here or click on the “Meetings” tab at the top of this page.